Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week Fourteen: Satire and Sci-Fi

I watched movie Idiocracy long time ago, I do not remember the reason why but I'm pretty sure it's because the title and the poster that draw my attention to it.
Personally, Idiocracy is criticizing all the futuristic sci-fi movies because it's doing exact opposite of what people think when they say "Future". Everyone thinks in the future, mankind will be saved from all the things that we are going through like war, famine, etc and thus having all these advanced technology that can even cure cancer or regenerate limbs or organs. However, in Idiocracy, people in the future got dumb to the point where they don't even know what they were doing just few minutes ago.

We can laugh about this now because everybody would probably thinking, 'Nah~it's not gonna be like that but it's pretty funny though.' but honestly, I think all the sci-fi movies or book came out can be possible. I remember the time when people used to think who would ride a carriage that has 4-wheels and has no horse to pull the carriage? and what about portable computer that we can carry around and put it inside of our pocket? all of those things came true. I'd say there is a slight chance that our world actually could be like that in the future. I'm saying this because there are actually people like "Clevon(The guy who has IQ 84 and sleep with all the woman around him in the beginning of the movie)" who is ignorant and do not have any idea what's going on after he done messing around. There are people in D.J.Trump's rally who remind me of people in Idiocracy, they do not know what is going on but they do it because that guy does it. Maybe our media's are showing these people as an example and I'm saying that we have to learn, develop and teach the young ones RIGHT so our future won't turn out like to be like Idiocracy.

Week Twelve: Class Assignment Blood Child

1. What is your reaction to the text you just read?

  • At first, I did not understand what was going on but as I reading through the story, I realized that the story was between aliens and humans. I didn't know what "Tlic" was but as they progressively describe them, I noticed they are an alien that lives with humans & lay their eggs inside of human body before the "Grubs" the young aliens eat up the host's body. Sounds to me it's just like Ridley Scott's alien movie where Alien's baby live inside of host and eventually kill the host to get out but instead in this story, Aliens were intellectual being that blends with humans
2. What Connections did you made with the story? Discuss the elements of the story with which you were able to connect.
  •  In the middle section, Gan finally decide to gets implanted by his family's Tlic, he was afraid because he saw what could possibly happen to him. Thus, he was told from his big brother that Tlics only think human as an animals. Gan wanted to give away that "duty" to his sister but in the end, he didn't want his sister to go through the incubation. If I were in his shoe I would do the exact same thing, be afraid as a human being but sacrifice myself for family.
3. What changes would you make to adopt this story into? What medium would you use? What changes would you make?
  • The first intro would be different if it were a movie or TV series. They would explain the background of humans & Tlics, how did they become like this in present days then get to the story.

Week Eleven: Cyberpunk and Steampunk

Snow Crash...
Unlike reality where almost everyone can access to internet, Snow Crash's reality is different. Only few people can access to Metaverse and depends on the person their avatar gets the same status just like the real-life person who owns that avatar.
Our main character "Hiro Protagonist" has very interesting setting. He is half Korean, half African American. And this is not the end, his mom is a Korean who cross the sea to settle down in Japan during Period of Japanese Occupation. This part got me pretty intrigued. And he is also a hacker that is good with Japanese sword.
Snow Crash is new type of drug/religion/virus that is going around inside of Metaverse.
and there's a people in real-life trying to find Meta virus which is counter part of Snow Crash.

To me this book is pretty deep and well described and I really liked the fact that author put stuffs similar to ancient civilizations such as Babylonia, Sumer. In ancient time nam-shub was used to control crowds and it's been re-used in this world of Metaverse. It's amazing to see how it's applied to near-modern future time.

Week Ten: The Fiction of Ideas

For this week I read The Left hand of Darkness and this book is quite intriguing. The distinctive culture of Gethen were presented naturally through out the book but the concept of the Species called "Gethen" was the most fascinating part. Individuals on Gethen are "Ambisexual", with no fixed gender identity. This fact has a strong influence on the Gethen culture and creates huge barrier between Ai and Estraven. Because this strange culture of gethen, I as a human male, could not get my head to understand Estraven but could put my shoe inside of Ai's. We both are fixed gender which is male and mating with your own brother when he became a female sounds too crazy for me. I almost cringed as I discover this.
However, I started to think about why would I think like this because I realized that that's their culture and to them it's very natural thing to mate with either brother or friend because they have no gender until "Kemmer" season. Also, as a human we are used to have fixed gender and a lot of people expects to do roles that each gender were "supposed" to do and the fact that in 1976, author of this book, Ursula K. Le Guin wrote an essay saying "Is Gender Necessary?" is very original and fresh view of our mankind. Personally I really liked this book because I would never come up with this good inspirational concept.

Week Nine: Space Opera and the New Frontier

This week I watched Martian and I noticed that it still has that general sci-fi elements like not too deep into the details. However what's interesting about this movie is that even though it's general idea, it is not completely non-sense, it's almost possible to happen. Personally, Martian could be a huge sci-fi concept if we were back in 1900's but now days comparing to other modern day sci-fi concepts, it's not that crazy idea.

The things that Mark Watney does inside of movie, it's almost feels like he's trying to survive inside of Island where there's no human being. Instead he had knowledge of technical science and biology and tools(machines) to make survival more easier.
Plus, it has some comical elements to it. Whenever mark was communicating with NASA through Chat, it was so realistic the way he says it and I would too if i were him because he did not know NASA didn't let his teammates that he was alive. And the things that he says on the video log is sarcastically sad but he never lose hope.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Week Seven:The Tale of Spiritual Education

The Night Circus,
'The Circus arrives without warning', my most favorite quotes in this book. I started to pay attention because the title was so interesting and it was week of spiritual education so I thought this might be a good inspiration.
There was a Boy and a girl raised in different environment meant to be rivals to one another. They do not know when did it start to become like this but they did not have to think about that because they would do anything to beat one another. A girl has a talent, not just some cheap trick magician but an actual witch. A boy did the same as a girl did, studying & practicing. He thinks to himself often,'Who will be the person I will have to fight?Can I win against that person?etc. And the boy sees the girl and noticed something interesting, he sees her as a beautiful woman lady but at the same time he knew from his gut that she's the one that is his rival at the circus.

“Do you remember all of your audiences?” Marco asks. “Not all of them,” Celia says. “But I remember the people who look at me the way you do.”
“What way might that be?”
“As though they cannot decide if they are afraid of me or they want to kiss me.”
“I am not afraid of you,” Marco says.”
This part was one of my favorite ones. The story of these two is interesting but what's more fascinating was it has a lot of magic and sorcery. Circus scenes were pretty drawings and almost felt like watching Tim Burton's movie. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week Six: Heroic Journey

The story goes, a small hobbit Bilbo Baggins goes out an adventure for desire of new things and experience. When we were on this assignment I realized this character is very far from classical heroes because normally there's this character who wants to be a hero but has no one to teach or train him and also he has no power but has a good heart. Later near future, this character somehow gets involve him/herself into some kind of incident and somehow gets this powers or training then become a hero.

But in this world, Hobbits are not a hero at all but has a same characteristic of "wanna be hero". They have a good heart and they are very resilience. That's why Gandalf gave ring to hobbit not a human. It's kind of funny because in the fantasy world, humans are portrait as one that has a potential but weak and eventually human will overcome the struggle and become something else. It's interesting to see a small creature like hobbit can be a hero too. I wouldn't say Bilbo is typical hero but in the book and movie he does save the days time to time and give other people good advice to encourage the people and unite.